Microsoft releases Surface Studio

surface-proMicrosoft released a rash of new products, including its Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio, with Intel Skylake CPUs and Nvidia Maxwell GPUs. The development is interesting because Intel’s Kaby Lake and Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs could have also made their way into the new platform. Microsoft chose to stay with the previous-gen solutions, but still infused the platforms with eye-popping prices that range up to $3,299 for the Surface Book i7 and $4,199 or the Surface Studio. The Surface Studio also comes without an option for SSD storage, but it offers a hybrid drive instead, which could be considered a crime.

These products were likely in development before the Kaby Lake CPUs came to fruition. This class of premium products isn’t always focused on pure grunt power, but it might limit the competitive window for Microsoft’s latest as designs with newer architectures come to market.

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